Why Invest in SecureCloudNet ?

Our philosophy here at SecureCloudNet is that purchasing SCN coins is holding something of value, that is why we created a coin that has a low circulating coinage and a very low inflation.

With only 3 Million plus SCN coins, only 100 people can own 32,000 SCN coins. Join the 100 and secure yours.

As we work to build relationships with Cloud Service businesses, to develop our primary goal of using the SCN to pay for VPS Servers. It has become a necessity to create and acquire additional use cases for the SCN coin.

1st Use Case: My Crypto Cloud take SCN coin as payment! Claim your 15% discount when using SCN coins as payment. https://mycryptocloud.nl

2nd Use Case: "SCN Coin Review" - For $20 in SCN coin you can have a Youtube video created for your crypto coin project. Please visit us on discord (discord) more information or Email us at "admin@securecloudnet.org"

3rd Use Case: The Northern Community Store now take SCN coins. https://northernexchanges.com

4th Use Case: Charity Giving - We will work to support Charitable Organizations. Please visit us on discord to donate and help some Non-Profit Organizations.

More Use Cases are in development and will be available to the SCN community in the future. If you are a Merchant and would like to learn how using the SCN coin could be benefitual to your bottom line please contact us at: admin@securecloudnet.org

SecureCloudNet Team

Jeffrey Scott Malaki aka jeffreyScott


Jeffrey Scott Malaki

53 years old, I do data base management, I run a number of Masternodes, and I live in Virginia, USA. Qualification: 30 years of middle management.

Fabrizio Amodio

Main Blockchain developer

Fabrizio Amodio

Main Blockchain developer
47 years old, from Italy. Work as IT Manager for a ISP/Telco company, more than 30 year of experience in development of complex system for the Telco Industries using every kind of programming language on a wide range of operative system, DBA, datacenter design&management, virtualization

Maik Rolf

Admin, UI Developer and MN support lead.


Admin, UI Developer and MN support lead.
Maik is a well known and respected figure in many masternode communities and projects. Vast experience in masternode setup and helping.

Florin Adrian aka F1orin


Florin Adrian aka F1orin

Florin Adrian 33 years old, 6 years experience in Marketing and Management, Direct Marketing, MLM ... Ran a marketing delivery company for 4 years in Romania. At present, he is living in Cyprus, and is one of the BlastX project leaders.

aka Crypto Ants Marketing

Head marketing

aka Crypto Ants Marketing

Head marketing
Crypto Ants Marketing, Is from Ireland, has 15 years experience in marketing, general business management and operations, working for a number of businesses. For the past two years he has put to use his hands on marketing skills in the crypto world. Starting his own crypto business in marketing and promoting. Additionally he is on the marketing teams of a number of coins.

SecureCloudNet Roadmap

Below is the current roadmap for SecureCloudNet

Q4 2019

  • Develope Brand Recognition: Now that we have successfully established a VPS Partnership, we will spend this quarter promoting our services and getting on another Exchange.

Q1 2020

  • Add to our Dev. Team with the focus of creating a decentralized cloud storage platform.2

Q2 2020

  • Take Another Look at Incorporating Coin.

Q3 2020

  • Add to our VPS Partnerships. Include new Cloud Services.

Q4 2020

  • Mobile phone apps

SecureCloudNet Coin Specs

Below is coin specs of SecureCloudNet

Coin Name SecureCloudNet
Ticker SCN
Algorithm Quark
Max Supply 16 000 000 SCN
Block Time 60 Seconds
Block Reward Structure 85%MN 10%POS 5%Treasury
Staking Maturity 1 Hour
Minimum Confirmations 6
P2P Port 9191
RPC Port 9192
Masternode Collateral 10 000 SCN
Premine 1 200 000 SCN
Block Reward Structure
Block 0 - 200 13 000 SCN (Swap Coin)
Block 201 - 129 600 2.5 SCN
Block 129 601 - 259 200 1.25 SCN
Block 259 201+ 0.5 SCN


SecureCloudNet is on the following Exchanges

SecureCloudNet Wallet Download

Desktop Wallet

SecureCloudNet bootstrap Download


SecureCloud Masternode

Masternode Install Guide

If you would like to donate to our project please use one (or both) of the addresses below to donate either SCN or BTC to the development of the project.



Merchant list

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Please feel free to reach us on any of the following platforms or submit a query via the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!