Why Invest in SecureCloudNet ?

Our philosophy here at SecureCloudNet is that purchasing SCN coins is holding something of value. We will back SCN coins by the service provided by using a “Request of Service Agreement” within a project called “Reverse Future Contracts”.

By backing SCN with the services provided, the market will reward the value of the coin by what the cost of that service will be. Investors purchasing SCN coins would benefit from a reasonable return on investment (ROI) through masternodes (MN), wallet staking (POS), and locking SCN coins in a Request of Service Agreement.

Each masternode (w/ collateral of 10000 SCNs from block 241800) shares 85% of the block reward and staking shares 10% of the block reward. The remaining 5% will go to the development of SCN and the listing on future exchanges.

The locking of coins within a Request of Service Agreement is our most valuable asset in that the cost of these requests are at least over 50% discount of the cost of cloud services and with the added value that at any time that the coin’s monetary value drops below a value making the use of masternodes unprofitable because of the cost of VPS service, it would behoove the investor to purchase the coin and lock it way to request the very service that we will be providing in the not too distance future.

SecureCloudNet Team

William Mjåtvedt


William Mjåtvedt

32 years old, from Norway. Work as a teacher. Long experience in crypto and masternodes. Mined my first BTC back in 2010. Have connections in the tech, oil and investment industry in Norway. I started this project along with Jeffrey in October 2018 and we aim to become a household name with a various of partners and cloud services we can offer to our great community!

The Watcher


The Watcher

21 years old, I am an electrical engineering student with a strong backround in programing, I am here to help out on the development side as well as provide ideas and support to this wonderful community.

Fabrizio Amodio

Main Blockchain developer

Fabrizio Amodio

Main Blockchain developer
47 years old, from Italy. Work as IT Manager for a ISP/Telco company, more than 30 year of experience in development of complex system for the Telco Industries using every kind of programming language on a wide range of operative system, DBA, datacenter design&management, virtualization

Tom aka (maik)

UI Developer and MN support lead.


UI Developer and MN support lead.
Maik is a well known and respected figure in many masternode communities and projects. Vast experience in masternode setup and helping.

SecureCloudNet Roadmap

Below is the current roadmap for SecureCloudNet

Q4 2018

  • New Discord
  • New Telegram
  • Swap and start new chain
  • New website
  • New Bitcointalk announcement
  • Presale
  • Wallet release Windows and Linux
  • List on Raisex and Cryptobridge
  • List on MNO and other monitor and hosting sites
  • New Whitepaper
  • KYD Verification
  • Bounty Campaigns

Q1 2019

  • Major marketing campaigns
  • Facebook fans page
  • Add Secure Cloud Storage in platform
  • Decentralized Content Delivery Network
  • Look for service provider as partner which has whitelabel / reseller product

Q2 2019

  • Mobile wallet for Ios and Android
  • Payment gateway to connect SCN with reseller APIs from service providers
  • Add one partner in the hosting service

Q3 2019

  • Integrate coin with big cloud service provider
  • Full version of platform
  • List on bigger exchanges
  • List on Coinmarketcap
  • Whitepaper V2

Q4 2019

  • Participating in blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences
  • List on WorldCoinIndex.com
  • List on CryptoCompare.com

SecureCloudNet Coin Specs

Below is coin specs of SecureCloudNet

Coin Name SecureCloudNet
Ticker SCN
Algorithm Quark
Max Supply 16 000 000 SCN
Block Time 60 Seconds
Block Reward Structure 85%MN 10%POS 5%Treasury
Staking Maturity 1 Hour
Minimum Confirmations 6
P2P Port 9191
RPC Port 9192
Masternode Collateral 1 200 SCN
Premine 1 200 000 SCN
Block Reward Structure
Block 0 - 200 13 000 SCN (Swap Coin)
Block 201 - 129 600 2.5 SCN
Block 129 601 - 259 200 1.25 SCN
Block 259 201+ 0.5 SCN

SecureCloudNet Wallet Download

Desktop Wallet

SecureCloudNet bootstrap Download


SecureCloud Masternode

Masternode Install Guide

If you would like to donate to our project please use one (or both) of the addresses below to donate either SCN or BTC to the development of the project.



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